Supercharge your brands LinkedIn with super influencers

Supercharge your company updates, Job postings and product launches with influencers on LinkedIn who help you spread the word across their network

Drive results better than the traditional direct advertising with Influencer Marketing and Advertising on LinkedIn

What is Influencer Marketing on Linkedin

Linkedin Influencer Marketing & advertising is a program by adinflu which helps you reach your target audience on LinkedIn with help of LinkedIn influencers. Linkedin influencers are professionals with at least 500+ active followers on LinkedIn and who can share your brand products, services, job postings, etc across their professional network. You’d be free to hire influencers based on their domain expertise, no of active connections, location, demographics, etc.



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Get Influenced

You Target influencers will share your advert/job requirement ( Or write about your post ) across their LinkedIn profile.


 Capture Leads

Explore the power of Word of mouth in action giving you much more results than the traditional direct advertisement.

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Best suited for Recruitment Agencies | Marketing Agencies  | B2B companies | Brands | Startup 

influencer Marketing and Advertising on LinkedIn

Explore the power of word of mouth marketing with influencers on LinkedIn.  Higher reach, Higher Engagements at reduced advertising costs.

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Support on influencer Marketing and Advertising on LinkedIn

How can adinflu Help your business with Linkedin influencer marketing and advertising

Adinflu helps Brands/startups/companies hire people on LinkedIn who can influence your brand / Products or services. The platform works on an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to match and engage with prospect influencers matching your domain of business.

Who are Influencers on linkedin and how can they help me with linkedin marketing

Influencers are people with having a good amount of followers/subscribers / connections and are willing to share about your product/services across their network. Just like celebrities who endorse products, Influencers on LinkedIn help you spread the word about your recruitment drives or your products and services.

How to select Influencers for my influencer marketing / advertising campaign on linkedin

Based on your target audience requirements, You can choose influencers on LinkedIn based on their job profile, the number of connections they have and so on.

How Influencer Bidding works with adinflu linkedin influencer marketing

Just like platforms like Google AdWords , Adinflu works on artificial intelligence technology that has a bidding based platform for brands & influencers.  The bid is the amount that you set to determine the highest amount that you’re willing to pay for a post for the influence.

How to choose my bid price for linkedin influencer marketing

You just enter the maximum bid price you are willing to pay each influencer per post. We will make sure your campaign stays within this maximum budget and will match influencers which can bring in maximum influence to your brand/product/recruitment advertisement.

When can my influencer marketing campaign run on linkedin

Your campaign starts running as soon as you approve the influencer list provided to you. You’ll receive the detailed approval process along with the communication emails you receive on your campaign.

Results & Analytics on my linkedin influencer marketing / advertising campaign

With your campaign entering its completion phase, You will receive the detailed analytics and reports reflecting your advert engagements across the influencers you have approved.