What is Adinflu

The  Adinflu Influencer Marketplace is where brands and agencies who use our influencer platform, come to browse and search for influencers that would be a good match for their brand.

Once they have selected an influencer, an email is sent to the influencer with details around the opportunity. Details include requirements, timeline, compensation and terms. After the email invitation is sent, all details will be available in the ‘Campaigns’ section under the ‘profile’ tab.

Adinflu is the first artificial intelligence powered Influencer Marketing platform. Influencers have the ability to sign up and create a free adinflu influencer profile. Once an influencer completes their profile, they will be added to our marketplace. Your adinflu influencer profile showcases who you are and what you’re capable of as an influencer. The more information you include in your profile, the higher chance you have at receiving opportunities from brands. At a minimum, your profile should include a profile picture, birthday, gender, location, one category and all of your social accounts.

Hundreds of brands and agencies use our influencer software and search our marketplace everyday to find the best influencers to help share their message. Brands are able to see a snapshot of influencers and evaluate if they’d be a good fit for their campaigns. If a marketer is interested in working with an influencer, they will invite them to a program. Influencers can either accept or decline the invitation based off seeing program details, dates, requirements and compensation.

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